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Connection, Calm, and Clarity

At Awaken my mission is to support you in your personal growth and wellness as you connect to the deepest parts of your being through vibrational sound therapy.



Singing Bowls and Mala
Tingshas and the F Bowl
Leading a Meditation
A Little Fox Playing
Three Sisters Singing Bowls
Sound Healing in Halifax
Sound Therapy
Welcoming Singing Bowl Meditation
Set up for group sound therapy
Labyrinth for Children's class
Children's Singing Bowl Class
Grounding Singing Bowl
Singing Bowls Hammonds Plains
Terra in Awaken
G# from Serenity Tibet
Services and Classes


​We offer private and group vibrational sound therapy sessions in the Halifax Regional Municipality. We also offer children's singing bowl and mindfulness classes.

Vibrational Sound Therapy


Sound and Vibration wash over the body to support emotional, physical, energetic, and spiritual healing. 



If you would like to find out more or make an appointment please fee free to call, email or send me a message on Facebook.


 I had the pleasure of experiencing a group Certified Singing Bowl Therapy Session this weekend and it was nothing short of marvelous! As a successful wellness practitioner for over 15 years I'm well versed in many different modalities of healing, what it means to have bedside manner, connection, and being present. Terra creates a lovely relaxing atmosphere, while offering you a safe space to enjoy the soothing, moving sounds of the singing bowls.


This treatment was not only calming, but I left feeling peaceful, grounded, empowered, and truly taken care of. This method of healing is so beautiful to not only to listen to, but to observe, and it's powerful while being tender too.


Terra's knowledge, skill, intuition, and mindfulness is undeniable. You can feel the passion for her craft with her nurturing energy, the wonderful tones of the bowls, and her contagious smile. I'm absolutely signing up for a one-on-one treatment!

Jasmin MacKinnon: RMT, Reiki Master, Business Owner

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