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To support the inner core of who you are:
Individual Treatments


​During a sound bath, the client lays on a mat while a series of singing bowls are sung on and around the body. The body is bathed in sound and vibration to support the client's goals. Vibrational sound therapy includes treatments for relaxation, anxiety, depression, anger and aggression, pain reduction, arthritis, and clearing and balancing energy.



45 Minutes/ $75

60 Minutes/ $90

Couple sessions:

60 minutes/ $120

Gift Certificates


OK To Be Me


If you would like to give the gift of sound, we have gift cards for any occasion. Click the link below to find the perfect gift. 

Sound Meditation Class

During these classes students lay comfortably on their yoga mats while the soothing sounds of Himalayan singing bowls wash over them and support their journey inward. 



10 am-11:15am


7pm -8:15pm

$72 for 4 weeks

Drop in/ $25 (if space available).

*Please reach out to pre-register for these classes as space is limited to 5 people.

We offer specialized series at different times throughout the year. Please check the schedule for details. Series offered include:

Compassion- In this series we compassionately connect to all of who we are, honoring our humanity and seeing it in the world around us. (January 2021)

Inspired Living-in this series we practice connecting to our light, to the truth of who we are. (February 2021)


Chakra series- In this series we focus on balancing the energy centers. (March/ April 2021)

We also offer:

Packages: Class series + an individual session starting at $160 (4 class series + hour individual session).

Private classes for groups of up to 5 people in the studio starting at $125 for the group. 


If you can't make it here or have an event, we can also come to you! 

Yoga Nidra &
Sound Healing

During this deeply restorative class you are supported by 2 practices that work together to take you on a guided journey inward. The class is lead by Andrea Chute and Terra Brockett (Nidra & Sound), two certified instructors who bring both their expertise and passion for safe, supportive spaces together to create an evening of pure bliss.

The classes are currently on hold but will be offered on  a pop up basis down the road so please check out the calendar or reach out for more details. 

Children's Classes


OK To Be Me


During this interactive children's workshop children learn basic mindfulness practices to support them in navigating the world around them. They learn to use breath and  singing bowls to relax their minds and bodies and to improve their focus. And we have fun doing it! 

3 Hour workshop



Brenna worked with Terra to prepare herself to be able to manage her pain from major back surgery. Using the singing bowls and what Terra taught allowed her to overcome moments of severe discomfort while she transitioned from intravenous pain control to oral pain control as well as moments when the pain was overwhelming. Brenna was able to concentrate on the sound and breath through those moments. The use of the singing bowls was invaluable during this difficult time.


Amanda, Brenna's mom

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